Business These Days Is Personal

JayICoCWinning new clients, delivering training, presenting in meetings – every day occurrences for busy executives and business owners.  Understanding how to engage with your audience and persuade them to take action is fundamental to business growth.  However, often too much time and money is wasted in poor preparation and delivery. This affects both the presenter and the audience.

If “Death by PowerPoint” has been your experience – then you don’t want to be THAT speaker! There is much more to a presentation than slides.  It is important to make the right impression and let your personality come through – that is what makes you engaging.

In these workshops, Jay shares techniques to improve sturcture and delivery so that delegates leave with more confidence and a blueprint that can be used for any type of presentation from trainings to pitches.

Authentic Business Presenter Workshops

These workshops can be tailored to fit your particular needs.  Each topic can be covered individually in short sessions or put together for a 1/2 day or full day event.

  • Really understanding your audience
  • Structuring content to remove irrelevant material and add more value
  • How to incorporate stories and case studies to move your audience
  • Delivery – bringing out your authentic personality and connecting with the audience
  • How to use non verbal communication more effectively
  • Ditch bullet points & use PowerPoint the right way
  • Using visual aids to bring your presentation to life