Eyes Wide Shut

How do you know you are a good manager?  Do you inspire, motivate and lead your team?  You might think that if you didn’t you would soon hear about it. Or, could you be blinkered to what is going on? There is of course the annual appraisal and/or 360 review at which you might get some feedback. Is that enough though? How well do you listen or ask questions?

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The Eight Whats Of Communicating Change

Steve ChihosToday’s post is written by a guest author: Steven J. Chihos guides organizations through transformational change. He facilitates individual leaders and teams through the process of adoption by diligently applying his methodology called “theBigRocks of Change”. Steve has led dozens of large-scale transformations in the US and globally. His engaging approach to problem solving and his skills at neutral facilitation have won him praise from the boardroom to the plant floor. Steve writes a popular blog for Change Agents at http://theBigRocks.com and tweets as @chihos (twitter.com/chihos)

Here are Steve’s thoughts on 8 critical aspects to consider when communicating change:

Change Agents are often asked to create and coordinate the delivery of critical messages about an upcoming change. Over the years, I’ve seen some phenomenal communicators deliver powerful messages using the written word, speeches, websites, multi-media presentations and all sorts of other tools. [Read more…]

Performance Anxiety Holding You Back?


Performance anxiety is not just limited to entertainers or athletes.  Numerous careers are held back due to anxiety about speaking in front of groups – of any size.  How many people actively contribute to meetings if they can get away without saying anything? It’s not that they don’t have anything to contribute – they just can’t face speaking up because it is too uncomfortable.  Would you rather send an email than speak up at a business meeting?  Do you sit in the boardroom hoping someone else will answer the question?  “Public Speaking” is apparently one the biggest fears we face and even though we might realise that it is an irrational fear we still shy away from speaking. [Read more…]