Tap Away Your Fears Of Public Speaking

fearspeakingIt is generally accepted that speaking in public is one the top fears we face. It is actually an irrational fear but never the less one that hinders progress in our professional lives. How many more opportunities could you take up if you felt confident when speaking to groups?

There are many ways in which to become a confident speaker. One practical way is to to be better prepared with your material and to rehearse your delivery. The more prepared you are the more comfortable you will feel and that has a knock-on effect on your confidence. There are also several NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) techniques which I will cover in another post. I want to talk about EFT today.

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Performance Anxiety Holding You Back?


Performance anxiety is not just limited to entertainers or athletes.  Numerous careers are held back due to anxiety about speaking in front of groups – of any size.  How many people actively contribute to meetings if they can get away without saying anything? It’s not that they don’t have anything to contribute – they just can’t face speaking up because it is too uncomfortable.  Would you rather send an email than speak up at a business meeting?  Do you sit in the boardroom hoping someone else will answer the question?  “Public Speaking” is apparently one the biggest fears we face and even though we might realise that it is an irrational fear we still shy away from speaking. [Read more…]