Keynote Speaker

These Keynote Speeches can be tailored to your specific outcomes:


Why Women Need To Speak Up

There are still not enough women in top jobs or senior roles.  Whilst there may be several contributory factors – one is that women don’t speak up.  They don’t voice their opinions in meetings or share their expertise by volunteering to deliver a presentation.  They don’t raise their profile enough.  Equally importantly, more diverse teams make better decisions.  Studies show that the collective intelligence of groups rises with the inclusion of women – they think, feel, react and respond in different ways to men and that is a good thing.  Women owe it to themselves to seize those moments and make themselves heard – increasing the number of women at the top will make companies and institutions more effective.

The sad truth is that people will go to great lengths to avoid speaking.  A common reason is fear of failure.  Tired of running away from those opportunities because of fear, Jay decided to do something about it. In this talk, she shares her own experiences of how not speaking up led to missed career opportunities and how she overcame those hurdles, inspiring others to do the same.


Authentic Business Presenter – It’s YOU They Want!

Becoming an engaging communicator is not taught in school.  A lot of weight is attached to the subject matter but not on how to communicate ideas effectively.  However it is never too late to do something about it.  Business isn’t just about reaching targets.  It’s about persuading and influencing.  Taking opportunities to speak goes a long way towards that – people get to know who you are and what you can do.  Communicating authentically is essential – it’s your personality that people want to connect with.  So much communication these days is conducted electronically.  Therefore when the chance to speak up in face-to-face meetings comes up it’s like gold dust.

Jay talks about how her efforts to overcome a debilitating fear of public speaking led to the realisation that confidence in speaking and audience engagement are intrinsically linked to authenticity.  With over 15 years experience as a litigation lawyer, she understands both the challenges faced by busy presenters and how audiences are often left underserved.  Jay will inspire and motivate the audience to transform their own presentations!