Do You Print Slides As Handouts?

conferenceWhat do you typically get given when you attend a presentation or seminar? Yep – a printout of the slides which you can’t really read and make no sense when you get home! These things take time and effort to produce, cost money and have a very poor return on investment.

You may have heard the term “facts tell emotions sell”. The way in which you deliver a presentation should trigger an emotion in your audience. This includes any slides you may use to support your message. Rather than listing points, use a powerful image that you can talk around. If all you are doing is sharing a bunch of facts then send a memo, because you don’t need to be there! Think about that for a moment…

Put all your detailed information into a document – a handout that is a more comprehensive “leave behind” than just printed slides. Let your audience know they will be getting this at the end so that they don’t need to take notes and can relax and listen to you. This will help you get engagement from your presentations and serve the audience better.

Here are some common mistakes to avoid:

  1. Printing slides as handouts – they don’t work without the presenter there to explain the content
  2. Using slides as a prompt for the speaker – this is just plain wrong!
  3. Adding chunks of text onto slides will draw the audience away from the you as they’ll be reading the slide instead
  4. Handing out printed material at the beginning will have the same effect as no.3 above
Most people won’t consider these points and will continue to waste time and money producing useless handouts – what will you do?

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