Your Body Speaks Even When You Don’t!

Body LanguageWhen we think about communication and speaking in front of a group we tend to focus on what we are going to say. Yet so much is communicated just by our body language – you can reveal a lot without saying any words. Think about it – can you remember a time when you saw someone who was happy or upset and their facial expressions alone gave you a massive clue as to how they were feeling?

In the same way, whether you are feeling anxious or enthusiastic about your speech, the audience will be able to read your body language. You cannot not communicate. Yes that’s right…a double negative! Read that again.

Whenever you are in a room with others you are communicating – with your breathing, facial expressions and body movements. Otherwise known as non verbal communication. The way you stand, the use of your hands and how you move across the stage all say something about you. [Read more…]

Dump…Or Get Engaged?

make your choice

No, this is not an article about relationships.  Well not that kind anyway.  I’m referring to engagement with your audience versus dumping a load of information on them. Ever been in the back of a car on a really long road trip – nothing to look at except an endless highway wondering “are we nearly there yet”?  Well that is the experience of many audiences when sitting in a business presentation. [Read more…]

Why Rehearse?

Are you leaving your presentation to the last minute to wing it or thinking that you just cannot afford to spend much time in preparation?  Can you afford not to?

Why Bother To Rehearse?

Here are just some of the reasons that might persuade you:

  • If you want to ensure you provide value
  • If you want to overcome fear of speaking
  • To become familiar with your slides
  • To be a better presenter
  • To connect with your audience, persuade and influence

Most people don’t practise enough. [Read more…]