Dump…Or Get Engaged?

make your choice

No, this is not an article about relationships.  Well not that kind anyway.  I’m referring to engagement with your audience versus dumping a load of information on them. Ever been in the back of a car on a really long road trip – nothing to look at except an endless highway wondering “are we nearly there yet”?  Well that is the experience of many audiences when sitting in a business presentation. [Read more…]

Attention To Detail


Attention To DetailI recently watched a fly on the wall TV series on BBC following life at the world famous Claridge’s Hotel in London.  The camera crew had access to all areas so it was absolutely fascinating to see the inner workings of such a plush establishment.  What struck me most was the attention to detail and level of care given to all the guests. An overnight stay costs thousands and with competition from other fine hotels why do guests come back year after year?  It is because they are treated like family with every requirement taken care of.  Their expectations are being met. [Read more…]