Authentic Communication For Business

On this site you will find resources and ideas on authentic communication. Business these days is personal. If you are in business you know that relationships are important.

Whether you are just starting out in your career or have a great deal of experience both in your industry and in presenting, you want to ensure that your message is being received and that you have made an impact.

Being an engaging communicator is one of the most important skills you can have whether you are speaking to an audience of one or one thousand.

Do You Print Slides As Handouts?

conferenceWhat do you typically get given when you attend a presentation or seminar? Yep – a printout of the slides which you can’t really read and make no sense when you get home! These things take time and effort to produce, cost money and have a very poor return on investment.

You may have heard the term “facts tell emotions sell”. The way in which you deliver a presentation should trigger an emotion in your audience. This includes any slides you may use to support your message. Rather than listing points, use a powerful image that you can talk around. If all you are doing is sharing a bunch of facts then send a memo, because you don’t need to be there! Think about that for a moment…

Put all your detailed information into a document – a handout that is a more comprehensive “leave behind” than just printed slides. Let your audience know they will be getting this at the end so that they don’t need to take notes and can relax and listen to you. This will help you get engagement from your presentations and serve the audience better.

Here are some common mistakes to avoid:
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Your Body Speaks Even When You Don’t!

Body LanguageWhen we think about communication and speaking in front of a group we tend to focus on what we are going to say. Yet so much is communicated just by our body language – you can reveal a lot without saying any words. Think about it – can you remember a time when you saw someone who was happy or upset and their facial expressions alone gave you a massive clue as to how they were feeling?

In the same way, whether you are feeling anxious or enthusiastic about your speech, the audience will be able to read your body language. You cannot not communicate. Yes that’s right…a double negative! Read that again.

Whenever you are in a room with others you are communicating – with your breathing, facial expressions and body movements. Otherwise known as non verbal communication. The way you stand, the use of your hands and how you move across the stage all say something about you. [Read more…]

Opportunity Knocking At Your Door?

Sleep Your Way To The Top

Hire & Coach Great People…

New Skills To Boost Your Prospects?

The choseThese days there is tough competition for work – including keeping clients and finding new ones. How do you ensure that you stay ahead of the game? The obvious answer may be to gain more knowledge. The problem is there is already so much information readily available these days just at the click of a button. People you are hoping to impress don’t necessarily need more information. They do want someone who can explain the impact of that information on their business. [Read more…]

What Does A Good Manager Look Like?

Tap Away Your Fears Of Public Speaking

fearspeakingIt is generally accepted that speaking in public is one the top fears we face. It is actually an irrational fear but never the less one that hinders progress in our professional lives. How many more opportunities could you take up if you felt confident when speaking to groups?

There are many ways in which to become a confident speaker. One practical way is to to be better prepared with your material and to rehearse your delivery. The more prepared you are the more comfortable you will feel and that has a knock-on effect on your confidence. There are also several NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) techniques which I will cover in another post. I want to talk about EFT today.

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Out To Lunch?….Invest In Yourself More

RESTAURANT Great opportunities almost never fit into our schedules. They turn up when we are not ready for them and don’t seem to be there when you want them. Very inconvenient. But what if you could improve the odds and stack the deck in your favour? How do you do that? Well by courting serendipitous intelligence. In other words keeping your ear to the ground by actively plugging into your network. I recently read about this concept in “The Start-Up Of You” by Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha – a book that takes a refreshing look at how to transform your career.

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